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Article submission guidelines
Pro Facto welcomes submissions from readers. Please follow the guidelines below when submitting letters to the editor, opinion essays, book reviews and full-length articles. Submission may be either a hard copy or an electronic file. Submission information and addresses should be directed to the "Newsletter Editor" on the contact page.

  • Submission Guidelines [ .PDF format]
  • PuZzLe ZoNe

    Each issue of ProFacto newsletter, Jerry Manheim, O4SR's "puzzle guy", brings you a set of puzzles. Up until now you've had to wait until the following issue of Pro Facto to check your answers. Now you can compare your answers with Jer's by checking the Puzzle Zone here on the Web site. Answers will be posted generally about two weeks after the newsletter is mailed out. However, if you have comments, questions or disagreements, you can still contact Jerry.

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